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The Family: A Proclamation to the World Part II

Welcome to Gospel Learning On Your Lap!  If you are joining me from Chocolate on My Cranium, you have already had a peak at what we are making and have taken care of downloading  “The Family: A Proclamation to the World Part I”.  If not, then head on over and join in Celebrate the Family week.

Family Proclamation

So on to Part II

You will need to save and print these two images below.

(rt click to Save image as)

family treeTip: Fill out the family tree and glue it to the back of your file folder.  If you cover the paper with contact paper first and use a dry erase marker, multiple kids will get a chance to fill in the blanks, and it makes for more handwriting and spelling practice.

(rt click to Save image as)

 * print temple on cardstock

Friend March 2002

  Tip: Cut an “X” just inside the borders of the white square. Glue the flaps together then glue the white triangle (created by the “x” cut) connected to the back wall onto the file folder.  Flatten the temple for storage by pushing the back temple wall to the file folder and pushing the font wall  toward one of the side walls. Cut out the temple bricks.  Look up the scripture and discuss how it can help us built our testimony of the temple.  Then glue on the brick.

For the rest of these mini books, the directions are on the printout and are pretty straight forward except for the one on the bottom right!!


There wasn’t an inch of space left for instructions, but don’t worry that’s why I made the video!

Tips:  Remember the scoring dimensions are 2 “, 2 3/4″, 3 1/2″, and 4 1/4”

I left one of the squares blank so you could personalize it with your family name or a little drawing.

The last little mini book is a paper doll chain.  I’m excited to show this little trick to my kids.  Just a few fan folds and a freehand cut out of a girl or boy and you have a family. As a kid, it seemed so amazing pulling open the folds and all of the dolls were magically holding hands.  It would be fun to decorate the dolls to look like your family.  I think it would also be fun to use fabric for the clothes (but keep it simple if that idea is stopping your from completing your lapbook!)  If you are worried about freehanding the doll you can use Martha’s template.


So to finish up, I just wanted to remind you that creating the lapbook with (instead of for) your children will make it the most meaningful.  Kids will get a lot of great cutting and gluing  practice strengthening those little fingers!   I try to include elements for pre-schoolers and elementary schoolers to help you make it a family project.

I feel so honored to be part of Celebrate the Family this year.  Please say “hi” if you like what I’ve shared.  The comments sections is also the best place for questions!



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May Week 4: When I take the sacrament, I renew my baptismal covenants.

This weeks minit book is also an extention of sharing time.  It is suggested to “Make wordstrips with phrases from the sacrament prayers that explain what we promise when we take the sacrament and what Heavenly Father promises us (see Doctrine and Covenants 20:77, 79).”  After reading the prayers, have the children stand in the correct order with their word strips. I have made the suggested wordstrips into cursive tracing strips.  If you laminate the wordstrips first, your child had a little “white board” to work with and can practice over and over with a dry ease marker.  The other option would be to just do it once with a pencil and call it good.  Tip:  if you don’t have a laminator, just cover the paper with packing tape or contact paper.

Click on image to download from 4 sharedword strips copy

Just a note:  I have 3 preschoolers so obviously my brain and creativity are geared toward their ages, but I’m trying to think outside of my little box.  I really want to include all Primary age children with these activities.  I’m leaving a lot up to you as a parent though because you know best how to make these minit books more or less challenging to accommodate your child’s skill level.  Any suggestions or requests are greatly appreciated!

Does the little blue bubble on the pocket look like a gumball?  That’s what I was going for!

Click on image to download from 4sharedwordstrips 2 copy

I hope this has been a fun lapbook for your children.  I believe in these principles and am thankful for their guidance in my life.