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The Gospel and Preschool

I just need to know if I am in far left field.  We are putting together our preschool co-op for next fall and had a planning meeting to discuss the details.  I purposed that we use Sarah’s Walk Beside Me Curriculum.  It is so cute!  She has created printables for each letter A-Z themed around scripture heroes from the Book of Mormon.  Amazing stuff!  I thought “How perfect! I want to do this with our co-op.”  I was so shot down!  Well there were a few “I don’t really care”s,  but not enough to even form a group. The reason? “I don’t believe in mixing religion with education.”  This came from a group of thirteen stay-at-home LDS moms.  I really admire and respect most of them (a few I met for the first time at our planning meeting).  But I need to know.  Am I in far left field thinking that tracing the letter H and learning about Helaman’s Army is a beautiful thing?  Or is it just best to stick with Hippos?  Please, Please, Please help me see both sides and leave a comment below.