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February CTR 2012 Lapbook is ready!

“When We Choose the Right,
We Are Blessed”

This is the LDS Primary Sharing Time theme for the month of February.  I’ve had fun making this month’s set of minibooks. I’ve challenged myself to find new ideas that are interactive and fun for a range of ages.  Because this is a scrap-lapbook, I’ve made it cute and coordinated using Cocoroos Scrap CTR kit. I found this on the LDS Blog Train, which is a great ride for anyone interested in scrap-lapbooking along with us!  Please remember my terms of use are for personal and church use only.

Week 1: Noah was blessed for choosing the right.

Week 2: Jesus’s disciples were blessed by choosing the right.

Week 3: Nephi was blessed for choosing the right.

Week 4: Church members today are blessed for choosing the right.

If you are new to lapbooking, check out this post on the basics to help you get started.

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