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Week 2: The First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles are prophets.

I see the inspiration behind the timing of this month’s theme “Living Prophets Teach me to Choose the Right”.  I think this little matching activity will help my kids recognize some face for General Conference which is just a few weeks away.  I really need to play with them so I can finally straighten out the M. Russell/Russell M. confusion that I have had for years.  This link will take you to About.com which is a great place to find LDS clip art from past Friend magazines.  I love all of the New Era Posters which are organized there  too and am thinking up a use for those in a future lapbook.

There are two options for this activity. Print photo and bio cards (for readers) or print two sets of photo cards (for non-readers).  Then enjoy a game of go fish, memory match, or make a pair.  You can also opt to glue the bio to the back of the photo to make a flash card.  I recommend printing on card stock and laminating the cards because they will be used a lot I’m sure (or last more that 30 seconds in the mouth of baby sister!).  Remember to print a coordinated pocket to store the prophet/apostle cards for your lapbook.

Prophet and Apostle cards with bios

Prophet and Apostle card pocket

Hint: Before you glue your pocket to the file folder, fill the assembled pocket with all of the Apostle cards. It will be puffy and full. Hot glue only the part of the pocket that touches the folder.  This little step will make it easier to put the cards in later and keep the sides from ripping.

**Save the “I will follow the Prophet” pocket for week 4.  There is also clip art on the pocket page, SAVE that too.  You will want it to use on your Infinity card or to decorate bare spots on your file folder. (Don’t know what an infinity card is?  Just you wait.  I’m gonna amaze you!)

The next mini book is a horizontal layer book titled “How does Heavenly Father speak to members of the Church?”.  You will need to download and print the following files:

Layered book title and page 1  
Layered book page   2 Layered book page 3  Below are some pictures of the inside layers.  (I’m having trouble pulling up previews for some of the PDF’s hosted in 4shared.  Suggestions anyone?)

Cut out all of the rectangles from each page.  You can adapt this mini-book  several ways according to your child’s skill level or interest.  You can choose to color and cut the clip art from each page and glue it on a layer.  You can have your child journal or draw his/her own pictures.  Once your mini book is filled up, stack all of the pages and staple at the top.  Glue the back into the middle section of the  lapbook  (make sure you place it near the top so you have room for week 3’s  mini-book below it.)

If you missed the beginning of this month’s lapbook, you can start here.



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