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Week 4: I am blessed when I choose to follow the Prophets.

My little boy was so excited when he found me after church.  He was so “lucky” to be picked to give a talk!  I hope that feeling of being “lucky” to have the chance to bear his testimony never changes.  Here is his topic:  I am blessed when I choose to follow the prophet.  Now it’s my turn to feel lucky that I have this great lapbook we have been working on to turn to.  For Family Night, we took some time and played with the finger puppets below and then filled in the Matchbook: How I am blessed by following the prophets.  This will be the basis for his talk.  We also had fun playing memory match with our prophet cards. All of these activities will help us think about his talk topic throughout the week and help him be ready to present it in front of his Jr. Primary.

These finger puppets come from “Behold Your Little Ones” Nursery manual.  Click to print.  Your child can color and cut the puppets.  Stick some tape on the sides to form a little pocket where they can slide their finger in.


You have already download and printed the pocket (I will follow the Prophet) for storing the finger puppets.  Find it next to the Prophet and Apostle cards pocket.  It will fit nicely on one of the side flaps.

And FINALLY the best for last…

It’s time I shared the Infinity Card with you.  To see how it works be sure to watch this video.  I learned how to make this during my Mission in Toulouse, France.  Just one of the millions of things I learned there!  In this book there will be places for your child to write down council from the First Presidency that they have learned in primary or heard during General Conference.

Download. Print the front on Cardstock, flip the paper over and print the back on the opposite side.  I tried to make the back cover enough space so you don’t have to “casse la tete” trying to figure out which way to feed the paper into the printer.

Infinity Card front

Infinity Card Back

I’ve written the folding and gluing instructions on the PDF, but here is a really helpful video on how to assemble this mini-book.

I am amazed at how my little kids (5 years and 3 years) can retain so much so well.  They even have the scripture Amos 3:7 memorized as well as the song.  Obviously I think they are little geniuses, but really the key is exposure.  The benefit for you as a parent is that lapbooks are an easy way to have “exposure” at your fingertips.  The benefit for the learner is that it is fun to play with these little mini-books.

So this wraps up March! You may have noticed that I’ve made a lapbook for Cub Scouts.  If you are not involved in Scouts but know someone who is, pass on the link.  I bet they will appreciate it.  If you have any other requests for LDS Gospel centered lapbooks I’d love to hear about it.

I hope everyone enjoys General Conference and remember to fill in all of the mini-books that go with it!



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