Gospel Learning On Your Lap

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Week 1: Noah was blessed for choosing the right.

We are starting on the inside elements of our February CTR lapbook.  If you still need to print the cover and back activity, click here.  If  you want to make a January’s start here.

Noah was blessed for choosing the right. ***Remember just click on the image to download and print.

Have your child cut out the flap book about Noah and discuss the answers to each question. You can print out the inside of the flapbook and glue it to the inside or just draw or write in the answers.  I recommend gluing this flapbook somewhere in the middle of the lapbook and not to one of the flaps because the pages will get crunched if the child is not super careful when he/she folds them closed.

Here’s a cute puzzle about what Noah took on the ark.  You can discuss how gathering two of every animal would have been a very hard task, but Noah chose to obey the Lord and was blessed.  Cardstock or laminating would be a good option for the puzzle pieces.
Puzzle and pocketl
matchbook scrp and journaling.pdf

Have your child practice their handwriting with tracing the scripture from Mosiah 2:22 or have an older child share insights with a short journal entry.

song and clip art.pdf

“Choose the Right”  is the song to practice this month.  The chorister will be so glad to hear your child singing every word so beautifully because he/she knows the words from playing with this months lapbook!  Use the additional clipart to decorate bare spaces in your lapbook.