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Paper Dolls anyone?

I just came a cross the cutest paper dolls!  They are complete with a full set of the Armor of God!  I thought this might be a good addition to your paper dolls for the Proclamation lapbook. 

Find them over at Granny Enchanted!



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Oh Where Oh Where has that lapbooker been?

I’ll just say, I have had a fun summer with my family! (and my computer was fried) As much as I love creating these printables for you, I love to play too!  Some of my summer highlights were waterskiing, swimming, biking, time with family from out of town, fun field trips, T-ball, and scooter rides! 

It’s so hard for me to say goodbye to the freedom and fun of summer.  The only thing that could take it’s place is a beautiful fall.  I’ve started Virtual schooling our oldest so we are trying to figure out how all of that works, but I know that no matter what else I teach him, my main goal is to help him grow his testimony and faith. 

I’ll be back soon with a new lapbook to share!  In the mean time, let’s Celebrate the Family!  Visit Chocolate on my cranium, We Talk of Christ, Diapers and Divinity, and  Middle Aged Mormon Man to join in the joy!



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June CTR Lapbook Week 4: When I dress modestly, I respect my body as a gift from God.

This week is a simple paper doll kit.  I’ll tell you this was a little tricky to find because there a plenty of paper dolls out there that are NOT modest!  These even come with coordinating scripture cases.  I’m not sure how excited my pre-k boy will like this activity, but I’m sure little sis will at least chew on them so I’m laminating them and printing them on card stock. 

Right click on image to “Save As” then print.paper dolls

How did your June CTR Lapbook Turn out?



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June CTR Week 2: When I pay my tithing, Heavenly Father will bless me.

There are a lot of things to think about when teaching kids about money.  My preschoolers are learning to identify the coins, but I need to remind myself that counting money is not my end goal.  I want my children to understand the value of hard work, saving, and paying tithing.  This minit book that I’ve created will help with some of that.  It will also challenge those writing and math skills.  The instructions are on the printout.

I recommend printing both of these on cardstock.

Click on images to downlaod.3circlebook.psd Tithing cards copy

Remember the maze that is on the back of the lapbook?  It explains what tithing is used for and would be good to review this week.  Happy lapbooking.  Leave a little love if you are using a CTR lapbook!



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June CTR Week 1: I pray to Heavenly Father for strength to do what is right.


Make sure you have the other pieces of June’s CTR Lapbook!   Check recent posts for more: 

June cover and back

For this week’s minit book, I’m adding a Flip Flap book on Prayer.  This is from the nursery manual “Behold Your Little Ones”.  I’ve added an optional cover to glue on to coordinate with the rest of the minit books.  Just glue it on then cut the flaps.  If you opt not to print the cover, you can glue on clip art or write your own titles for the flaps. 

*I have  a Live Writer mystery and can’t seem to get a picture to post here but here are the links for the downloads. 

Prayer cover

Prayer flip flap book

Another option would be to just print the cover and have older children journal about what they can pray for and the different types of prayers on the blank inside of the flip flap book.

The other element we will work on this week is the song.  I used a Pocket Mod design which is similar to an accordian book, but with less wasted paper.  The song is “Nephi’s Courage”

Click on image to download from 4Shared.


Here are the instructions for creating a Pocket Mod designed book.  Cut around the outside (this part is not necessary if your are designing your own).  Fan fold the vertical lines.  Unfold the fist layer.  Place the first and last layer on the table so you have one “Mountain” standing.  You should see the red line on the “Nephi’s Courage” book.  Cut along this red line.  Fold along the horizontal lines and push the pages closed so that the cover is the first page.  Hmm this might help: 

Now you’ll need to store that neat book in something….3circlebook.psd


Looking good!  I have something really fun to share for Week 2.  See you soon!



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“6 Be’s” Lapbook Updates

Just an FYI: I’ve added some of the “Missing books” to the 6 Be’s Lapbook link.  I lost a lot of work when my computer crashed for the 4th time this year (you’d think I’d learn). But I had an epiphany and realized that I could just scan the hard copy and upload it here.  Jump over to 6 Be’s to see the additions.



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May Week 2: When I am baptized and confirmed, I am following Jesus’s example.

“Mini-books?”, “Minit books?” I thought these little books filled with information and glued into a file folder creating a lapbook were called mini-books because they are mini.  I guess I need to take a closer look at the fuzzy screen.  I now see that they are referred to as minit books.  That makes sense too because they take a “minit” to review and make.  These little mini-minit books contain a short summary of principles being taught or a reminder of important information.

Here is the minit book for Week 2.  This is a “3 flap flip flap book”.  It has the Fourth Article of Faith broken into phases.  Anticipating what phrase comes next, helps people memorize things.  Just cut out the two pieces.  Glue the last phrase to the center, then fold it so it unfolds in order.    For pre-readers you can draw little pictures on each flap to help them remember what each phrase is about.    Click on the image to download from 4Shared.4th article of faith copy


May CTR Lapbook: I Choose the Right When I Am Baptized and Confirmed a Member of the Church

Welcome and welcome back to Gospel Learning On Your Lap!  My goal is to help Ladder Saint parents and teachers teach and reinforce the gospel of Jesus Christ in a fun and memorable way.  Lapbooking is a very visual and hands-on  way of retaining information.  Primary aged children need a lot of practice refining their motor skills.  They need practice cutting, writing, coloring, and folding.  They also need to practice critical thinking such as spatial orientation, patterning, sorting, and memorizing.  Why not working on all of these essentials while talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ? 

This months theme is: I choose the right when I am baptized and confirmed a member of the Church.

The Sharing Time Outline has some excellent object lessons for the Primary Presidency to present to the children during Sharing Time.  Here is the official link to the 2012 Primary Sharing Time Outline

Sharing Time Outline 2012

These lessons were the inspiration for most of the minit books this month.  One of my favorite examples is putting a pebble in every child’s shoe.  This pebble represents sin.  It becomes uncomfortable very quickly.  With this thought I made the “Steps of Repentance” minit book, teaching the 6 steps of repentance.  I’ll share that and many other minit books in the following posts:

Week 1: As I repent, I can be forgiven.

Week 2: When I am baptized and confirmed, I am following Jesus’s example.

Week 3: The Holy Ghost can help me.

Week 4: When I take the sacrament, I renew my baptismal covenants.

But first, we need to prepare your file folder.  Please visit this past post to learn the basics of lapbooking: Basics

Here is the Cover (click Image to download from 4shared)

cover copyIsn’t it adorable?  Just wait for the other minit books!

Print out the “Funstuf Hidden picture” below for the back of your lapbook.  Typically, I like to laminate these and have the kids use a dry erase marker or dry erase crayons.  This time I may just have them color it and point to the hidden pictures instead of circling them.  I’ll just add that I loved these hidden pictures when I was a kid!

March 2003 Friend

I haven’t completed all of the minit books, but I wanted to get you started.  So no single download for May yet.  Hang in there and come visit again soon!



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Jesus Christ Teaches Me to Choose the Right finished lapbook

DSCN1996 Here is what our lapbook looks like once we have arranged all the mini-book in the file folder.  My printer was running out of ink so your colors will be more true than mine.  I love this digi kit from The Loco House  Stop by and say thanks for sharing this free kit. 


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April Weeks 2 &3: Jesus Christ taught me the right way to live.

Here we go with week 2 and 3.  Need to do some catching up?  Stop by these recent posts:  All of April in one zip fileweek 1, Basics.

Jesus taught me the right way to live. He sure did and now it is our turn to teach our children what Jesus has taught us so they can say that with confidence too.  The Friend published a perfect mini-book all about what Jesus taught, so I’ve added that to our lapbook this month.  In fact there were many booklets in past issues of The Friend about Jesus, and I had a hard time narrowing it down.  I thought I’d share some of the links in case you wanted to turn you lapbook into a double fold lapbook like last month

Friend, April 1982

Friend, March 1999

Friend, April 1999


name of Christ

(I can’t find the link to this, and I did not add it to our lapbook, but we made it for Easter.  This is from the Friend but I’m not sure which issue, sorry)

Right click on both images below and Save As to your computer.  Insert them into a word document and resize them to fill the whole page or print them from your photo  software (I use Picasa) as a full page or poster size. 

jesus book 1 of 2

jesus book 2 of 2 

The instructions are to print on cardstock, but regular paper will be fine because it will be supported in your lapbook.  Cut each page along the dotted lines.  Read the scripture for each page with your child and discuss the picture.  On the back of the paper have your child draw a picture of his/her doing a similar act of love.  I think this will be a tender moment as you see through your child’s eyes how they want to be like Jesus.  Once the book is ready, punch holes on the marked sides of the pages and tie your book together with ribbon, yarn, or brads. I added an extra page to the end so we could glue the mini-book into the lapbook without covering up the drawing. 

STOP!!! Don’t throw away those scraps!!!  I take my paper and ink saving responsibility serious people!  We are using that beautiful Hoffman painting to make a puzzle.  Cut around Jesus and find some popsicle sticks or tongue depressors.  You can also cut around the cut title “Jesus Christ Loves Everyone” and glue that in your lapbook over a bare spot or a mistake. 

To make your puzzle, trace around each popsicle stick with a pencil attempting to center the puzzle in the middle of the stick.  Once you have marked each line, cut and glue each piece to a stick taking care to line up the sides of the stick with each other.  To make this puzzle easier for younger kids, you can number or letter the sticks in order.  (My kids really liked that.) There you go a nice sturdy puzzle for your lapbook to play with over and over again.  Tip: if you can’t find any sticks just cut the picture into random pieces, laminate, and store in the puzzle pocket.


And here is the Pocket to store the puzzle along with another pocket and cards to teach your child how to say ‘I Love You” in sign language. 

 Pockets and I love you cards



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