Gospel Learning On Your Lap

lapbooking, LDS, homeschooling


Hi I’m LeeAnn.

For Super Saturday, my ward put together some File Folder kits for us to make.  I thought cool,  these will be great for my kids.  After hours of coloring (thank goodness I was surrounded by funny friends) and a $15 laminating fee I had three file folder games.  I thought, “I could have bought 10 books that were already colored for $15!”  I decided, if I’m going to the work of doing that again, I’m going to make something that does a lot more, is less expensive, and already in color!  After searching around (I love looking at pre-schooling blogs because I have a housefull of them).  I discovered lapbooks.  Then I discovered lapbooks about the Bible which are amazing.  But, I saw the need to fill a void in the LDS community for lapbooks specific to the Book of Mormon and the doctrines taught in Primary.   I’m learning so much about Photoshop, blogging, and I love using my time to ponder on the teaching found in the Primary Sharing Time Outline.  Best of all I get to share this project with my kids and teach them the happiness found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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