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Oh Where Oh Where has that lapbooker been?

on September 17, 2012

I’ll just say, I have had a fun summer with my family! (and my computer was fried) As much as I love creating these printables for you, I love to play too!  Some of my summer highlights were waterskiing, swimming, biking, time with family from out of town, fun field trips, T-ball, and scooter rides! 

It’s so hard for me to say goodbye to the freedom and fun of summer.  The only thing that could take it’s place is a beautiful fall.  I’ve started Virtual schooling our oldest so we are trying to figure out how all of that works, but I know that no matter what else I teach him, my main goal is to help him grow his testimony and faith. 

I’ll be back soon with a new lapbook to share!  In the mean time, let’s Celebrate the Family!  Visit Chocolate on my cranium, We Talk of Christ, Diapers and Divinity, and  Middle Aged Mormon Man to join in the joy!



One response to “Oh Where Oh Where has that lapbooker been?

  1. Emily S. says:

    I just discovered your blog and I think the lapbooks you were sharing for the Primary theme last year are AMAZING! Wow! I am going to use them with my 6 year old daughter this year in our homeschool. I tried lapbooking with my boys when they were younger and they just weren’t that into it, but I think my daughter will really enjoy it. Thank you!
    -Emily S.

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