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June CTR Week 1: I pray to Heavenly Father for strength to do what is right.

on June 6, 2012


Make sure you have the other pieces of June’s CTR Lapbook!   Check recent posts for more: 

June cover and back

For this week’s minit book, I’m adding a Flip Flap book on Prayer.  This is from the nursery manual “Behold Your Little Ones”.  I’ve added an optional cover to glue on to coordinate with the rest of the minit books.  Just glue it on then cut the flaps.  If you opt not to print the cover, you can glue on clip art or write your own titles for the flaps. 

*I have  a Live Writer mystery and can’t seem to get a picture to post here but here are the links for the downloads. 

Prayer cover

Prayer flip flap book

Another option would be to just print the cover and have older children journal about what they can pray for and the different types of prayers on the blank inside of the flip flap book.

The other element we will work on this week is the song.  I used a Pocket Mod design which is similar to an accordian book, but with less wasted paper.  The song is “Nephi’s Courage”

Click on image to download from 4Shared.


Here are the instructions for creating a Pocket Mod designed book.  Cut around the outside (this part is not necessary if your are designing your own).  Fan fold the vertical lines.  Unfold the fist layer.  Place the first and last layer on the table so you have one “Mountain” standing.  You should see the red line on the “Nephi’s Courage” book.  Cut along this red line.  Fold along the horizontal lines and push the pages closed so that the cover is the first page.  Hmm this might help: 

Now you’ll need to store that neat book in something….3circlebook.psd


Looking good!  I have something really fun to share for Week 2.  See you soon!




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