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The Gospel and Preschool

on May 8, 2012

I just need to know if I am in far left field.  We are putting together our preschool co-op for next fall and had a planning meeting to discuss the details.  I purposed that we use Sarah’s Walk Beside Me Curriculum.  It is so cute!  She has created printables for each letter A-Z themed around scripture heroes from the Book of Mormon.  Amazing stuff!  I thought “How perfect! I want to do this with our co-op.”  I was so shot down!  Well there were a few “I don’t really care”s,  but not enough to even form a group. The reason? “I don’t believe in mixing religion with education.”  This came from a group of thirteen stay-at-home LDS moms.  I really admire and respect most of them (a few I met for the first time at our planning meeting).  But I need to know.  Am I in far left field thinking that tracing the letter H and learning about Helaman’s Army is a beautiful thing?  Or is it just best to stick with Hippos?  Please, Please, Please help me see both sides and leave a comment below.


9 responses to “The Gospel and Preschool

  1. Crazy! I am going to check out those cards! I definitely want to use them!

  2. I’m going to admit, I’m REALLY surprised! Maybe no one says anything negative on my blog because it’s easier to move on… but isn’t that one of the draws of homeschooling? That you CAN use religion with homeschool? I’m at a loss to think of even one reason you wouldn’t want your young child to learn gospel principles along with your ABC’s. Is the gospel really just for Sunday? Are the ABC’s more important than the gospel? I don’t understand!

    • My kids have plenty of time to learn about things outside of church. Why would 20 minutes two time a week talking about Scripture hero in a preschool setting be a bad thing? I think all of our kids will learn to read and write, but not all of them will learn to value things of an eternal nature unless it is a priority to us.

  3. Amy C says:

    I think that is so sad, I’d love to join a preschool like that! I love the walk beside me curriculum! Good luck and thanks for sharing.

  4. Do you know of any lapbooks for numbers? (Church ones would be a benefit) Free would be good? My 3 year old knows his letters and sounds (we are still going to do the ABC LDS preschool as he is not ready for writing them yet) but I would love to work on numbers with him?

  5. Thanks, I will keep that link. I agree I prefer lapbooks too.

  6. Tamarin says:

    I live in South Africa where our LDS community is not as concentrated as it is where you are. My 7yr old daughter is the only member in her entire school. I think it is a wonderful thing to be able to mix secular learning with gospel learning. When I live in a place where I have to arm my children with the gospel because they have to “stand alone” a lot of the time, how wonderful to think I can join it all together and kill two birds with one stone. I love the gospel and I want to instill that same love in my children, but if you shun such wonderful opportunities, how are you bringing across that sense of importance to them. I think it is sad when those opportunities are so blatantly passed up and I hope you have taken the opportunity to teach as you felt right.

    • Tamarin, Thanks for sharing some strength from South Africa. I love my little community, but I am reminded that I am part of a greater community that reaches around the world as a Latter-Day Saint. Truly we are a curious people standing against the tides of false doctrine that try to undercut our faith every hour. I feel so blessed to know truth and to have the trust of the Lord to teach it to his children. Thank you again for your insights and thanks for Choosing the Right!

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