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May Week 4: When I take the sacrament, I renew my baptismal covenants.

This weeks minit book is also an extention of sharing time.  It is suggested to “Make wordstrips with phrases from the sacrament prayers that explain what we promise when we take the sacrament and what Heavenly Father promises us (see Doctrine and Covenants 20:77, 79).”  After reading the prayers, have the children stand in the correct order with their word strips. I have made the suggested wordstrips into cursive tracing strips.  If you laminate the wordstrips first, your child had a little “white board” to work with and can practice over and over with a dry ease marker.  The other option would be to just do it once with a pencil and call it good.  Tip:  if you don’t have a laminator, just cover the paper with packing tape or contact paper.

Click on image to download from 4 sharedword strips copy

Just a note:  I have 3 preschoolers so obviously my brain and creativity are geared toward their ages, but I’m trying to think outside of my little box.  I really want to include all Primary age children with these activities.  I’m leaving a lot up to you as a parent though because you know best how to make these minit books more or less challenging to accommodate your child’s skill level.  Any suggestions or requests are greatly appreciated!

Does the little blue bubble on the pocket look like a gumball?  That’s what I was going for!

Click on image to download from 4sharedwordstrips 2 copy

I hope this has been a fun lapbook for your children.  I believe in these principles and am thankful for their guidance in my life.




“6 Be’s” Lapbook Updates

Just an FYI: I’ve added some of the “Missing books” to the 6 Be’s Lapbook link.  I lost a lot of work when my computer crashed for the 4th time this year (you’d think I’d learn). But I had an epiphany and realized that I could just scan the hard copy and upload it here.  Jump over to 6 Be’s to see the additions.



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The Gospel and Preschool

I just need to know if I am in far left field.  We are putting together our preschool co-op for next fall and had a planning meeting to discuss the details.  I purposed that we use Sarah’s Walk Beside Me Curriculum.  It is so cute!  She has created printables for each letter A-Z themed around scripture heroes from the Book of Mormon.  Amazing stuff!  I thought “How perfect! I want to do this with our co-op.”  I was so shot down!  Well there were a few “I don’t really care”s,  but not enough to even form a group. The reason? “I don’t believe in mixing religion with education.”  This came from a group of thirteen stay-at-home LDS moms.  I really admire and respect most of them (a few I met for the first time at our planning meeting).  But I need to know.  Am I in far left field thinking that tracing the letter H and learning about Helaman’s Army is a beautiful thing?  Or is it just best to stick with Hippos?  Please, Please, Please help me see both sides and leave a comment below.


May Week 3: The Holy Ghost can help me.

This week’s lapbook minit book is an extension of sharing time.  The Outline suggests to play a matching game as a large group.  This matching game is just for one, or two, or three, or more!  Look carefuly at the two images below.  You will need to download and print both.  The cards are the same, but one has a pocket to store the cards and the other has clip art.  Use the clip art to decorate bare spots or cover mistakes.  I recommend printing these on CARDSTOCK .  Once you have cut out all of the squares, make double sided cards by gluing a CTR shield on to the back of each phrase card.  I put some little pictures on each phrase to help pre-readers play.  What do you think?  Does a blanket remind you of the comforter?

Click on each image below to download from 4Shared.

matching game copy matching game page 2 copy

I’d love to hear back from you if you like what I’ve created.



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May Week 2: When I am baptized and confirmed, I am following Jesus’s example.

“Mini-books?”, “Minit books?” I thought these little books filled with information and glued into a file folder creating a lapbook were called mini-books because they are mini.  I guess I need to take a closer look at the fuzzy screen.  I now see that they are referred to as minit books.  That makes sense too because they take a “minit” to review and make.  These little mini-minit books contain a short summary of principles being taught or a reminder of important information.

Here is the minit book for Week 2.  This is a “3 flap flip flap book”.  It has the Fourth Article of Faith broken into phases.  Anticipating what phrase comes next, helps people memorize things.  Just cut out the two pieces.  Glue the last phrase to the center, then fold it so it unfolds in order.    For pre-readers you can draw little pictures on each flap to help them remember what each phrase is about.    Click on the image to download from 4Shared.4th article of faith copy


May Week 1: As I repent, I can be forgiven.

I mentioned earlier that I really loved the object lesson suggestion sin the Sharing Time Outline.  Each child is given a pebble to put in his/her shoe.  The pebble represents sin. Then have them remove the pebble, and ask how repenting and receiving Heavenly Father’s forgiveness is like
removing the pebble from our shoe.  This lesson took me back to my mission.  I served in France (oo la la).  While walking along the provincial rue, I had the tiniest pebble in my shoe. I had heard this object lesson before (as well as the one with a backpack full of rocks) and I mulled it over and over while this tiny pebble was irritating my every step.  Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and stopped to take off my shoe.  I was shocked to see how that tiny little irritating pebble had made a huge hole in my stocking.  Why didn’t I stop sooner?  Why did I think I could hang on and take care of it later?  It’s the same parallel with sin.  We will feel so much better and ruin less things if we follow these steps of repentance without hesitation.

Instructions:  Download from 4shared by clicking on image.  Print on cardstock.  Color then cut out shoe and pebbles.  Read the scriptures together and try to match the scripture to the correct pebble.  Then put them in order from beginning to end.  For pre-readers you may want to number each pebble.  Laminate the pebbles (clear packing tape or contact paper will do the trick)  Glue the bottom and side edges of the shoe into the file folder.  Keep the top open to form a pocket in which to store the stones.

steps of repentance copy

You’ll want to prepare the song minit book early in the month to allow plenty of practice time.  The song  is “When I am baptized” CS 103.  (better known around here as the rainbow song).  The instructions are on the printable, but get excited—It’s a SQUASH book!!  Gee I like those! This is a little variation from the Squash book I made here, but I know you must be smart and will figure it out.

If you want to hear the tune to the song, visit. the LDS church Music interactive player.

Click on image to download from 4shared

Song copy

Happy scrap-lapbooking!




May CTR Lapbook: I Choose the Right When I Am Baptized and Confirmed a Member of the Church

Welcome and welcome back to Gospel Learning On Your Lap!  My goal is to help Ladder Saint parents and teachers teach and reinforce the gospel of Jesus Christ in a fun and memorable way.  Lapbooking is a very visual and hands-on  way of retaining information.  Primary aged children need a lot of practice refining their motor skills.  They need practice cutting, writing, coloring, and folding.  They also need to practice critical thinking such as spatial orientation, patterning, sorting, and memorizing.  Why not working on all of these essentials while talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ? 

This months theme is: I choose the right when I am baptized and confirmed a member of the Church.

The Sharing Time Outline has some excellent object lessons for the Primary Presidency to present to the children during Sharing Time.  Here is the official link to the 2012 Primary Sharing Time Outline

Sharing Time Outline 2012

These lessons were the inspiration for most of the minit books this month.  One of my favorite examples is putting a pebble in every child’s shoe.  This pebble represents sin.  It becomes uncomfortable very quickly.  With this thought I made the “Steps of Repentance” minit book, teaching the 6 steps of repentance.  I’ll share that and many other minit books in the following posts:

Week 1: As I repent, I can be forgiven.

Week 2: When I am baptized and confirmed, I am following Jesus’s example.

Week 3: The Holy Ghost can help me.

Week 4: When I take the sacrament, I renew my baptismal covenants.

But first, we need to prepare your file folder.  Please visit this past post to learn the basics of lapbooking: Basics

Here is the Cover (click Image to download from 4shared)

cover copyIsn’t it adorable?  Just wait for the other minit books!

Print out the “Funstuf Hidden picture” below for the back of your lapbook.  Typically, I like to laminate these and have the kids use a dry erase marker or dry erase crayons.  This time I may just have them color it and point to the hidden pictures instead of circling them.  I’ll just add that I loved these hidden pictures when I was a kid!

March 2003 Friend

I haven’t completed all of the minit books, but I wanted to get you started.  So no single download for May yet.  Hang in there and come visit again soon!



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