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April Weeks 2 &3: Jesus Christ taught me the right way to live.

on April 12, 2012

Here we go with week 2 and 3.  Need to do some catching up?  Stop by these recent posts:  All of April in one zip fileweek 1, Basics.

Jesus taught me the right way to live. He sure did and now it is our turn to teach our children what Jesus has taught us so they can say that with confidence too.  The Friend published a perfect mini-book all about what Jesus taught, so I’ve added that to our lapbook this month.  In fact there were many booklets in past issues of The Friend about Jesus, and I had a hard time narrowing it down.  I thought I’d share some of the links in case you wanted to turn you lapbook into a double fold lapbook like last month

Friend, April 1982

Friend, March 1999

Friend, April 1999


name of Christ

(I can’t find the link to this, and I did not add it to our lapbook, but we made it for Easter.  This is from the Friend but I’m not sure which issue, sorry)

Right click on both images below and Save As to your computer.  Insert them into a word document and resize them to fill the whole page or print them from your photo  software (I use Picasa) as a full page or poster size. 

jesus book 1 of 2

jesus book 2 of 2 

The instructions are to print on cardstock, but regular paper will be fine because it will be supported in your lapbook.  Cut each page along the dotted lines.  Read the scripture for each page with your child and discuss the picture.  On the back of the paper have your child draw a picture of his/her doing a similar act of love.  I think this will be a tender moment as you see through your child’s eyes how they want to be like Jesus.  Once the book is ready, punch holes on the marked sides of the pages and tie your book together with ribbon, yarn, or brads. I added an extra page to the end so we could glue the mini-book into the lapbook without covering up the drawing. 

STOP!!! Don’t throw away those scraps!!!  I take my paper and ink saving responsibility serious people!  We are using that beautiful Hoffman painting to make a puzzle.  Cut around Jesus and find some popsicle sticks or tongue depressors.  You can also cut around the cut title “Jesus Christ Loves Everyone” and glue that in your lapbook over a bare spot or a mistake. 

To make your puzzle, trace around each popsicle stick with a pencil attempting to center the puzzle in the middle of the stick.  Once you have marked each line, cut and glue each piece to a stick taking care to line up the sides of the stick with each other.  To make this puzzle easier for younger kids, you can number or letter the sticks in order.  (My kids really liked that.) There you go a nice sturdy puzzle for your lapbook to play with over and over again.  Tip: if you can’t find any sticks just cut the picture into random pieces, laminate, and store in the puzzle pocket.


And here is the Pocket to store the puzzle along with another pocket and cards to teach your child how to say ‘I Love You” in sign language. 

 Pockets and I love you cards




One response to “April Weeks 2 &3: Jesus Christ taught me the right way to live.

  1. gabbynikita says:

    This is wonderful – thank you! I’ve been searching for and wishing for LDS lapbooks that I didn’t have to try and put together myself (I’m terribly lacking in the creativity department)!

    The page on the Sacred Names of Jesus Christ can be found in the April 2000 issue of the Friend. Link here:


    Thanks again!


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