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April’s 2012 Sharing Time Lapbook: Jesus Teaches Me to Choose the Right.

“For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you” (John 13:15).

For those of you just learning the joys of lapbooking, be sure to check out the basics on this page before beginning.

For you pros, here is a zip file to download all of the files in one jump for the month.  Some PDF’s have the instructions written on them, some do not.  Just stay tuned, and I’ll post the instructions weekly along with some teaching ideas.  You may want to follow me for e-mail updates when I post so you stay on (or ahead of) the sharing time schedule.

I’m trying to be like Jesus song and clip art.zip’ target=_blank>April’s lapbook Jesus Teaches me to Choose the Right



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Hinckley’s 6 Be’s

I know that most younger children only know President Thomas S. Monson as the President of the Church of Latter-Day Saints.  In a recent Ensign message, President Monson shared his ABC’s with us.  I of course have big plans for that, but in the mean time, I’ll share something special that I made to helps us all remember a very meaningful message shared with us by President Gordon B, Hinckley.

  • Be Grateful
  • Be Smart
  • Be Clean
  • Be True
  • Be Humble
  • Be Prayerful

I realize that he added three more Be’s to the original six, but many of the things I found to make into mini-books were perfectly suited for 6.  I’m calling it good.

This was the very first and very experimental of my scrap/lapbooking.  I learned so much creating it that it became the spring board for this whole undertaking.  What a fun adventure this has been.

DSCN1985(Yeah I know..be a little “smarter” LeeAnn and spell it right.  HA)

DSCN1987Here is a peek at all of the mini-books.  My favorite is the octagon book, You open the flaps to reveal how to say “Thank You” in four different languages.

Since I’m assuming you are now a pro at lapbooking, I’m just going to link the downloads here and you can get started.  I believe that teaching these these virtues will increase the harmony in our homes and the love we feel for our fellow mankind.

The digi kit i used was from Audra’s little scraps.  Please remember these are only for personal or church use and should never be sold.

" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/sdb_9rop/be_accordian_book.html">" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/sdb_9rop/be_accordian_book.html">http://www.4shared.com/office/sdb_9rop/be_accordian_book.html

" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/37sU1gkD/Be_lapbook_cover.html">" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/37sU1gkD/Be_lapbook_cover.html">http://www.4shared.com/office/37sU1gkD/Be_lapbook_cover.html

" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/YZbXfYkr/be_pockets.html">" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/YZbXfYkr/be_pockets.html">http://www.4shared.com/office/YZbXfYkr/be_pockets.html

" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/ezuGpNMJ/be_songs.html">" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/ezuGpNMJ/be_songs.html">http://www.4shared.com/office/ezuGpNMJ/be_songs.html

" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/ezuGpNMJ/be_songs.html">" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/ezuGpNMJ/be_songs.html">http://www.4shared.com/office/ezuGpNMJ/be_songs.html

" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/YIqQCf5g/journaling_accordian_minibook.html">" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/YIqQCf5g/journaling_accordian_minibook.html">http://www.4shared.com/office/YIqQCf5g/journaling_accordian_minibook.html

" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/wobzDYex/temple_maze.html">" href="http://www.4shared.com/office/wobzDYex/temple_maze.html">http://www.4shared.com/office/wobzDYex/temple_maze.html

***Updated:  I scanned some of the “missing books” that were in my original “Be” book.  The download does not include instructions so read through these tips before you print.  Click on the image to download from 4shared. 

  • Hand book.  Cut out hands.  Stack together and staple on the bottom of the palm.  You can glue the back to the lapbook or store it in the pocket from above.




This is a tab book.  Cut out all card and stack in this order: Mouth, eyes, heart, body.  Then put two staples in at the bottom.  Glue the last page to the file folder.scan0003

Now this is a fun one.  Cut out the first page of octagon ANSWERS as one piece.  Fold all of the octagons to the center.  Cut out the Question octagons individually.  Glue the Questions to the back of the Answers.  Glue the back of the “BE GRATEFUL” octagon to the file folder.  Then refold to play.  child tries to guess how to say Thank You in the different languages.  scan0004


***Not all of the mini-books in the photo above are available for download.  My computer crashed  and I lost some tons of work.  Since creating this book, some of the papers and clip art are no longer available so I’m having trouble recreating it exactly as pictured above.  If  you really need me to get on this restoration immediately, leave a comment and I’ll move it up on my list of things to do!

If you have questions or a nice comment, please let me know below!




Thanks to…

I just wanted to thank Psychozoe Design  for all of her hard work putting together a great digi-kit for the March CTR Lapbook.  You might want to stop by and tell her thanks too.

Other sources used were The Friend Magazine, Homeschoolshare, and Heart of Wisdom



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Week 4: I am blessed when I choose to follow the Prophets.

My little boy was so excited when he found me after church.  He was so “lucky” to be picked to give a talk!  I hope that feeling of being “lucky” to have the chance to bear his testimony never changes.  Here is his topic:  I am blessed when I choose to follow the prophet.  Now it’s my turn to feel lucky that I have this great lapbook we have been working on to turn to.  For Family Night, we took some time and played with the finger puppets below and then filled in the Matchbook: How I am blessed by following the prophets.  This will be the basis for his talk.  We also had fun playing memory match with our prophet cards. All of these activities will help us think about his talk topic throughout the week and help him be ready to present it in front of his Jr. Primary.

These finger puppets come from “Behold Your Little Ones” Nursery manual.  Click to print.  Your child can color and cut the puppets.  Stick some tape on the sides to form a little pocket where they can slide their finger in.


You have already download and printed the pocket (I will follow the Prophet) for storing the finger puppets.  Find it next to the Prophet and Apostle cards pocket.  It will fit nicely on one of the side flaps.

And FINALLY the best for last…

It’s time I shared the Infinity Card with you.  To see how it works be sure to watch this video.  I learned how to make this during my Mission in Toulouse, France.  Just one of the millions of things I learned there!  In this book there will be places for your child to write down council from the First Presidency that they have learned in primary or heard during General Conference.

Download. Print the front on Cardstock, flip the paper over and print the back on the opposite side.  I tried to make the back cover enough space so you don’t have to “casse la tete” trying to figure out which way to feed the paper into the printer.

Infinity Card front

Infinity Card Back

I’ve written the folding and gluing instructions on the PDF, but here is a really helpful video on how to assemble this mini-book.

I am amazed at how my little kids (5 years and 3 years) can retain so much so well.  They even have the scripture Amos 3:7 memorized as well as the song.  Obviously I think they are little geniuses, but really the key is exposure.  The benefit for you as a parent is that lapbooks are an easy way to have “exposure” at your fingertips.  The benefit for the learner is that it is fun to play with these little mini-books.

So this wraps up March! You may have noticed that I’ve made a lapbook for Cub Scouts.  If you are not involved in Scouts but know someone who is, pass on the link.  I bet they will appreciate it.  If you have any other requests for LDS Gospel centered lapbooks I’d love to hear about it.

I hope everyone enjoys General Conference and remember to fill in all of the mini-books that go with it!



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Cub Scout Lapbook


Create this Lapbook in one of your BEAR den meetings and sign off Achievement 8 “The Past is Important and Exciting.”

If you already know the ins and outs, jump to the zip file to download all of the mini books at once:

Bear Achievement 8 lapbook  and the Cover

If you are new to lapbooking, check out these former posts on Lapbooking basics.  Supplies for this project include: printer, scissors, white copy paper, glue gun or stick,

Prepare a file folder for each Scout and Download and print a cover for each lapbook.


Requirement 8a: Visit your library or newspaper office.  Ask to see a back issue of newspapers or an almanac.

Download this file from 4shared and print. ***Click on the link–Push the big download button—wait 20 seconds and push “download” again**


Have the cub scout fill out the circles after looking in an almanac or visiting the library.  Stack the circles together and attach with a staple or ribbon and glue the last page to the lapbook.

Requirement 8b: Find someone who was a cub scout a long time ago.  Talk to him about what cub scouting was like then.

Download these three files from 4shared and print.




After visiting with a former Cub Scout, have the cub fill in the blanks.  Cut out cover, questions and blanks.  Stack and staple the questions to the left side of the back cover and staple the answers to the right side of the back of the cove making sure the questions completely overlap the answers.  Glue the back cover into the lapbook.  Fold cover over the top.

Requirement 8d:  Trace your family back through your grandparents or great-grandparents; or talk to your grandparent about what it was like when he or she was younger. 

Print this family tree have the scouts color it and fill in the names of their parents and grandparents.  Glue it to the center of their lapbook.  cg_family-tree

Download and print this accordion book, then glue it into your lapbook. 


Requirement 8e: Find out some history about your community.

First research your community as a den using several history books or newspapers.  You will need to print out the following file for a “Squash” book and follow the instructions on the page. *You will need a small map of your city to glue inside this book (I recommend a google map)! Glue the squash book onto your lapbook. 

Download and print the following file:


Requirement 8f: Start your own history; keep a journal for 2 weeks.

This next file will help the boys write in their journal by giving them writing prompts.  Encourage the boys to take their lapbook home and use these prompts to be consistent in writing for two weeks. 


Requirement 8g:  Complete the character connection for respect. 

Use the Matchbooks to help the scouts remember your discussion about respect by answering the questions related to “know”, “commit”, “practice”  listed in the Bear book pg 78. 

Download and print the following file:


Now your lapbook is complete.  Fill in any blank spots with stickers.

I hope you and your boys will enjoy this lapbook.  Please leave a comment if you’ve made one and please remember this if for personal and church use only and are not to be sold.



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Cub Scout Lapbook

Coverstaggered book copySquash book copyJournal prompts copyinside of staggered book2 copyinside of staggered book1 copy
Accordian bookcg_family-tree3 matchbook

Cub Scout Lapbook, a set on Flickr.

Have your Bears do this for a den meeting and pass off Achievement 8.

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What will you sing?

The Primary Sharing Time outline does not specify a song for April. I’m working on April’s lapbook now and am including the song “I’m trying to be like Jesus” because that is what our chorister has choosen for the program. If you would like me to include a specific song for your April Lapbook, leave a comment and I’ll edit a mini-book for you! Gee I’m nice and I love this project!


How to Make a Squash Book

You are just going to love this mini-book.  There are  many versions of a “squash” book just like there are many varieties of squash.  I choose to make a nice “winter” variety in the form of a triangle.  I’ve written the directions on the printable, but just to give you a less wordy idea of how it works, here is a video.

For the squash book download  go here.

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Week 3: God’s prophets and apostles speak to us in general conference.

I am looking forward to General Conference.  Many of us have the comfort of watching the broadcast from our homes, but sometimes it gets a little too comfy and my notes seem to drop off mid thought.  My parents always took us to the church to watch at least one session.  I think it helped me remember that it was still the Sabbath and that I still need to be attentive.  There are many activities to help your child be attentive to the the words of the Prophet and Apostles spoken at general conference.  One of the best resources is obviously LDS.org.  I took some of the ideas and made them into mini-books for this week’s theme (see the “squash” book).  But since General Conference is still a few weeks away, I prepared some mini-books that you can do now (scripture tracing, and puzzles).

I took this Conference coloring Activity from The Friend. Print both pages and cut around each rectangle.  Stack the rectangles in order and staple in the top left corner.  Also cut around the color key.  You can glue this mini-book in now or wait until it is finished during general conference.  But be sure to glue it in properly!!!!  This mini-book is serving a double purpose.  It will be a book and a pocket to hold Week 4’s infinity card.  (I still haven’t told you about the infinity card but you are going to love it). Use hot glue to put a thin line on the sides and bottom and glue down.  Leave the top open to serve as a pocket.

conference 1 of 2


conference layer book 2 0f 2


These two puzzles will be perfectly placed on the flaps.  Download from 4 shared then print.  I have two ideas for these puzzles.  One—you can cut the pictures out in zig zags or straight lines depending on your child’s skill level, laminate them and store them in the pocket.  Idea two—you can cut the puzzle into strips that fit the size of a wooden tongue depressor and glue it on for a nice sturdy, but simple puzzle.  Again store the sticks in the pocket.  Ps.  the puzzles are of the First Presidency and the other is the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

2 puzzles and pockets.pdf

You have seen this next mini-book every month.  it is one of my favorite ways to help my children with their handwriting and scripture memorization at the same time.  The instructions are easy enough.  Cut out the rectangles, glue the inside verse to the reference, mountain fold along the lines, glue the back to your lapbook.   scripture matchbooks copy

Last mini-book for the week. Behold the Squash book!  I’ve written the instructions on the printable and yes you do have to squash it!

Squash book

Watch a video tutorial about the squash book  here.

Have a fun week of cutting and pasting.  I’ll finally give you the Infinity card file next week!



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Week 2: The First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles are prophets.

I see the inspiration behind the timing of this month’s theme “Living Prophets Teach me to Choose the Right”.  I think this little matching activity will help my kids recognize some face for General Conference which is just a few weeks away.  I really need to play with them so I can finally straighten out the M. Russell/Russell M. confusion that I have had for years.  This link will take you to About.com which is a great place to find LDS clip art from past Friend magazines.  I love all of the New Era Posters which are organized there  too and am thinking up a use for those in a future lapbook.

There are two options for this activity. Print photo and bio cards (for readers) or print two sets of photo cards (for non-readers).  Then enjoy a game of go fish, memory match, or make a pair.  You can also opt to glue the bio to the back of the photo to make a flash card.  I recommend printing on card stock and laminating the cards because they will be used a lot I’m sure (or last more that 30 seconds in the mouth of baby sister!).  Remember to print a coordinated pocket to store the prophet/apostle cards for your lapbook.

Prophet and Apostle cards with bios

Prophet and Apostle card pocket

Hint: Before you glue your pocket to the file folder, fill the assembled pocket with all of the Apostle cards. It will be puffy and full. Hot glue only the part of the pocket that touches the folder.  This little step will make it easier to put the cards in later and keep the sides from ripping.

**Save the “I will follow the Prophet” pocket for week 4.  There is also clip art on the pocket page, SAVE that too.  You will want it to use on your Infinity card or to decorate bare spots on your file folder. (Don’t know what an infinity card is?  Just you wait.  I’m gonna amaze you!)

The next mini book is a horizontal layer book titled “How does Heavenly Father speak to members of the Church?”.  You will need to download and print the following files:

Layered book title and page 1  
Layered book page   2 Layered book page 3  Below are some pictures of the inside layers.  (I’m having trouble pulling up previews for some of the PDF’s hosted in 4shared.  Suggestions anyone?)

Cut out all of the rectangles from each page.  You can adapt this mini-book  several ways according to your child’s skill level or interest.  You can choose to color and cut the clip art from each page and glue it on a layer.  You can have your child journal or draw his/her own pictures.  Once your mini book is filled up, stack all of the pages and staple at the top.  Glue the back into the middle section of the  lapbook  (make sure you place it near the top so you have room for week 3’s  mini-book below it.)

If you missed the beginning of this month’s lapbook, you can start here.



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