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February CTR Lapbook

on January 28, 2012

Here is the first pieces of February’s lapbook.  Click on images to download, then print on regular paper (for some elements of the lapbook, I recommend printing on cardstock).

Prepare your filefolder, then glue the cover vertically on the front. Once glue has dried, cut along the seam to open.

For the back of your lapbook, I like to use something the kids can use over and over.  Covering the CTR Maze with contact paper and gluing it on the back allows everyone a chance to have a turn over and over and over again.  Have you tried dry erase crayons?  I’ve tried them and here are some of the pros: variety of colors, easier to wash out of clothes than DE markers, don’t write on cloths as easily as do DE markers, they come with a sharpener and eraser in the box.  Here are some of the cons: break easily (3-4 year old boys), rub off on clothes, hard to keep a fine point.

Now that your cover and back are ready, add your mini books to help your children remember what they learned in Primary Sharing time.

Click here to see the finished lapbook.




3 responses to “February CTR Lapbook

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