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CTR 2012 Lapbooks

on January 22, 2012

By creating this series of  lapbooks, I want to help parents reinforce the lessons learned in Primary Sharing Time throughout the year.  I hope that this resource will help children and families learn these values and truths everyday and not just save these discussions for Sunday or Monday night.  With that said, these minibooks will make great Sabbath day activities and fun family night visuals and activities but you can also use them during the week as part of preschool learning or scripture journaling.  I want to put elements into each lapbook for a variety of ages and skills so the whole family can contribute to the book.  I know it is tempting to just have mom do all of the cutting and pasting, but I feel children will have more ownership as they are involved in the creation process.  So let them cut (you can trim up later) and color and be a part of the creation.  They will be learning fine motor skills, having fun, and building their testimonies.

January Weekly themes:

        • Agency is the gift to choose for ourselves.
        • In premortal life, I chose to follow God’s plan.
        • Jesus Christ created the earth as a place where I can learn to choose the right

5 responses to “CTR 2012 Lapbooks

  1. […] We are starting on the inside elements of our February CTR lapbook.  If you still need to print the cover and back activity, click here.  If  you want to make a January’s start here. […]

  2. Where do I go to print the lapbook for January??

  3. Ah I may have just figured it out! lol

    • Friend,
      If you got to the side bar under archives, you will see January. Click there then scroll all the way to the bottom to find the beginning of it all. January’s lapbook includes minibooks for the Plan of Salvation, agency is a gift, choose the right wheel, As a Child of God song, earth size sorting plus some others. To download the minibooks you will need to click the image or hyperlink. This will take you to 4Shared which hosts my files. Click on download, you may have to wait 20 seconds, then download again and they are yours!

  4. no still can’t find it … Noah is Feb right?

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