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Week 3: Nephi was blessed for choosing the right.

Thanks for staying on board for Week 3 of building our CTR Lapbook for February.  I’m planning on creating at least one a month to accompany the LDS Primary Sharing Time Outline for 2012.   Just click over  if you still need to print the cover, week 1 or week 2.  Still wondering what the heck we are making?

click to download wheel.

nephi’s wheel

Nephi had a lot of choices to make, but one that stood out to me after singing “Nephi’s Courage” was building the ship to sail to the promised land.  I get nervous trying to fix little things around my house and usually just call my dad for help.  I’m sure Nephi didn’t have a clue of where to begin, but he turned to the One who knows all and got some hard answers.  When Nephi went to the mountain to speak with the Lord (1Nephi 18), the Lord didn’t say “Go over that hill and you will find the ship I want you to use.”  No He said, “Go over that hill and dig up some ore.  You’ll find some animals to kill to the east.  Use the skins to make a bellow so you can heat the fire to melt the ore to make some tools to build a ship, to carry your family across the seas.”  (It almost sounds crazier than an old lady who swallowed a fly!) But Nephi did it.  And so can we, but only with God’s help.  Remind your child that God will help us to do hard things while he moan how hard handwriting is, as he traces the letters before assembling Nephi’s wheel.  After the wheel is assembled, your child can practice beginning word sounds by opening and closing the window to cover or display the letter that each picture starts with.

people blessed by choosing the right

2 pockets people who are blessed

With this mini book, just cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines.  You can glue Popsicle sticks inside to make it into a puppet.  You can put a brad through the tip and make a fan book or just keep them bookmarkish and store them in the “When we choose the right, we are blessed” pocket.

One more week left until we finish up our February CTR Lapbook.




Week 2: Jesus’s disciples were blessed by choosing the right.

On to minibooks for week 2 of the LDS Primary Sharing Time theme of 2012 .  Don’t forget to print the other elements if you are just joining us.

During sharing time, your children may have heard the stories of Jesus’s disciples and how they chose the right.  They may have learned about Mary (Luke 10:38–42), Peter and Andrew (Matthew 4:18–20), or Paul (Acts 9:1–9, 17–20).  They may have even brought home a puppet and are anxious to tell you all about it.  After they do, put the  puppet in a pocket glued into the  lapbook and bring it back out for  a retelling at FHE.

If no one came home with a cute stick puppet, you can print  out a woman here or a male here  and color it at your own FHE about Jesus’s disciples choosing the right.

Also for fun, I made a little math fishing game.  All of the instructions are included on the printout, but here’s what you’ll be doing:  Cut out the pocket and fish along the lines.  Put a paper clip over the mouth of each fish.  Hot glue some string to a Popsicle stick and add a magnet on the other end of the string to make a little fishing pole.  Younger kids can “fish” a fish and count the squares.  Older kids can “fish” two fish and practice basic math skills.  I recommend using a hot glue gun to glue the pocket.  It might be a little tight fitting all of the fish and the fishing pole into the pocket.  I’m sure your stick puppets would make room for a little “pole”.

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Week 1: Noah was blessed for choosing the right.

We are starting on the inside elements of our February CTR lapbook.  If you still need to print the cover and back activity, click here.  If  you want to make a January’s start here.

Noah was blessed for choosing the right. ***Remember just click on the image to download and print.

Have your child cut out the flap book about Noah and discuss the answers to each question. You can print out the inside of the flapbook and glue it to the inside or just draw or write in the answers.  I recommend gluing this flapbook somewhere in the middle of the lapbook and not to one of the flaps because the pages will get crunched if the child is not super careful when he/she folds them closed.

Here’s a cute puzzle about what Noah took on the ark.  You can discuss how gathering two of every animal would have been a very hard task, but Noah chose to obey the Lord and was blessed.  Cardstock or laminating would be a good option for the puzzle pieces.
Puzzle and pocketl
matchbook scrp and journaling.pdf

Have your child practice their handwriting with tracing the scripture from Mosiah 2:22 or have an older child share insights with a short journal entry.

song and clip art.pdf

“Choose the Right”  is the song to practice this month.  The chorister will be so glad to hear your child singing every word so beautifully because he/she knows the words from playing with this months lapbook!  Use the additional clipart to decorate bare spaces in your lapbook.




February CTR Lapbook

Here is the first pieces of February’s lapbook.  Click on images to download, then print on regular paper (for some elements of the lapbook, I recommend printing on cardstock).

Prepare your filefolder, then glue the cover vertically on the front. Once glue has dried, cut along the seam to open.

For the back of your lapbook, I like to use something the kids can use over and over.  Covering the CTR Maze with contact paper and gluing it on the back allows everyone a chance to have a turn over and over and over again.  Have you tried dry erase crayons?  I’ve tried them and here are some of the pros: variety of colors, easier to wash out of clothes than DE markers, don’t write on cloths as easily as do DE markers, they come with a sharpener and eraser in the box.  Here are some of the cons: break easily (3-4 year old boys), rub off on clothes, hard to keep a fine point.

Now that your cover and back are ready, add your mini books to help your children remember what they learned in Primary Sharing time.

Click here to see the finished lapbook.




February CTR 2012 Lapbook is ready!

“When We Choose the Right,
We Are Blessed”

This is the LDS Primary Sharing Time theme for the month of February.  I’ve had fun making this month’s set of minibooks. I’ve challenged myself to find new ideas that are interactive and fun for a range of ages.  Because this is a scrap-lapbook, I’ve made it cute and coordinated using Cocoroos Scrap CTR kit. I found this on the LDS Blog Train, which is a great ride for anyone interested in scrap-lapbooking along with us!  Please remember my terms of use are for personal and church use only.

Week 1: Noah was blessed for choosing the right.

Week 2: Jesus’s disciples were blessed by choosing the right.

Week 3: Nephi was blessed for choosing the right.

Week 4: Church members today are blessed for choosing the right.

If you are new to lapbooking, check out this post on the basics to help you get started.

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Lapbook Basics

Watch this video to see how to do the basic folding of a lapbook.  Once that is done, simply glue the mini books you have printed  from here and here to the inside flaps.  Enjoy!



Jesus Christ created the earth as a place where I can learn to choose the right

We are ready for Week 4 of the Primary Sharing Time 2012 theme.  Your child may have come home from Primary with a minibook  titled, “Jesus Created the World for Me.” If so, slip it into one of the pockets I’ve included and glue into the lapbook.  If not,  I’ve linked it here for you to download. Just click on the image to download.

The next element  teaches about primary and secondary colors.

While doing this activity, you can discuss how many colors there are on Earth and how God gave us such a variety.  Coloring a picture with just one color wouldn’t be very fun, but having a choice of many colors would make the project so much better.  Relate this concept back to God giving us the gift to choose or the gift of Agency.  Follow up with a coloring activity such as coloring the “Jesus Created the World for Me” mini book or this CTR puzzle.

Be sure to cut out the “Jesus created the earth as a place where I can learn to choose the right” pocket and earth images which are found on the same printable as the song.  This makes a good size sequencing activity for younger kids.

Wrap up your month with a final discussion about choosing the right with this fun wheel.  I would recommend laminating this after you get everything glued down.  It will spin a lot easier! (Don’t worry if you don’t have a laminator.  A few pieces of clear packing tape over the top will do the job just fine!)

Do you love your your kids new lapbook?  Blog about it and leave me a comment with a link so we can all be in awe of you!


In Premortal Life, I chose to Follow God’s Plan.

The Sharing Time theme for Week 3 of January is: In premortal life, I chose to follow God’s plan.  The Sharing Time outline suggests singing lots of primary songs to encourage understanding of principles in the plan of salvation.   You can listen to the music and lyrics of these songs, (CS4, CS2-3, CS153, CS103, CS105, CS 95, CS188, CS34-35)  and match them to the pages of this circle book.
God’s plan circle tag book.pdf

There is a special song selected to learn in January called “As a Child of God” .  Help your child learn the words by adding the lyrics to your lapbook.
Song and earth sort.pdf

                                                                                                  (Save the earth graphics and pocket for Week 4)

The next element for your lapbook will require some cutting and coloring.  This is great fine motor skills practice for children! I recommend printing the Plan of Salvation out on cardstock or laminating the pieces.  See if your children can arrange all the pieces in order and tell about the plan of salvation it their own words.  For older children, have them look up or read scripture passages pertaining to each section.

Assemble Plan of Salvation pocket and glue inside your lapbook. Store images inside.

What do you think so far?  Leave me a comment if you’d like.




Agency is the Gift to Choose for Ourselves

Let’s build our lapbook.

If you are new to lapbooking, here are are few sites to check out to find out more.


heart of wisdom

lapbook lessons

There are tons of resources for any subject under the sun! But here are the basics:

You will need:

  • File folder
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Paper (cardstock is optional)
  • Laminator (optional)

Start by opening the file folder then bring both edges to the middle (make sure there is not a gap between the pages, the tabs should fit together like a puzzle) and flatten into a book form.  Now you are ready to print off my mini books and pockets and glue them into the lapbook as you complete them.

Lets start with the cover.

click image to downlaod

Close the flaps and glue the cover on. Be generous with your glue!  Take scissors and cut along the flap tabs. And now we’ll skip to the back because that’s easy too. For the back, I like to have something the kids can do over and over again.  Remember we want this out and used not just filed away on a book shelf once it is finished. So for the back, print out the CTR ring dot-to-dot and cover it with contact paper or laminate it and glue (hot glue if laminated on both sides) it to the back.  A dry erase marker will allow the kids to keep having fun with their lapbook.

click image to download

So you are on a roll!  Now for the fun part . . . the inside elements.

Easy enough! Just follow the instructions on the printouts  and attach them to the inside of your lapbook.

Save the plan of salvation pocket for next week.
3 matchbook scripture.pdf

Agency is a gift


CTR 2012 Lapbooks

By creating this series of  lapbooks, I want to help parents reinforce the lessons learned in Primary Sharing Time throughout the year.  I hope that this resource will help children and families learn these values and truths everyday and not just save these discussions for Sunday or Monday night.  With that said, these minibooks will make great Sabbath day activities and fun family night visuals and activities but you can also use them during the week as part of preschool learning or scripture journaling.  I want to put elements into each lapbook for a variety of ages and skills so the whole family can contribute to the book.  I know it is tempting to just have mom do all of the cutting and pasting, but I feel children will have more ownership as they are involved in the creation process.  So let them cut (you can trim up later) and color and be a part of the creation.  They will be learning fine motor skills, having fun, and building their testimonies.

January Weekly themes:

        • Agency is the gift to choose for ourselves.
        • In premortal life, I chose to follow God’s plan.
        • Jesus Christ created the earth as a place where I can learn to choose the right